I’m Tracy Carreon

Travel-lover, Educator, Writer, and Mom  


I’m excited to share with you my passion for creating unique and meaningful travel experiences for my family…as well as what I learn about self and life along the way. My great hope is that my journey can inspire your own!

Stuff for the Journey

Items to take with you as you travel through life, or to different parts of the world. 

What's it mean to BE R.E.A.L.?

A good place to start to get a feel for the philosophy I’m peddling. : )  Then if it sounds good…check it out!

The Traveling Life Coach

I’m a teacher at heart, one who loves the questions of life. I also LOVE to travel. Here, I blend the two together. 

Destinations and Resources

For the travelers…links for various places to stay, see, eat and enjoy! 

About Me

Hello fellow journeyer. I’m Tracy…educator, wellness coach,  speaker, traveler, and most essentially…mom.

This says “About Me,”so I’ll share a little here, though you will come to know me best through the videos and blogs on this site. For now, the origin story of sorts…what brings me to this moment and place.

Longer ago than I like to admit, I began teaching English in high school classrooms, where I became keenly aware that my students were missing skills beyond academics vital to their success…skills such as coping with stress, managing emotions, balancing life’s responsibilities and setting meaningful goals. This realization led me to earn a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, and certifications in Emotional Intelligence Assessment, Hypnosis and Mindful Coaching. All of these things I’ve put into action in my Psychology courses, workshops on Happiness, EQ and Stress Management. 

So what’s with the combo of Life Coach-y YouTube Channel and Travel Blogging? Well, that’s a longer, more “winding road” kind of story. One I’d love you to join me in. If interested, keep reading and exploring! 


Tracy Carreon is a unique educator in that she has a very genuine style and approach. Her coaching style is equally authentic and her expertise in Emotional Intelligence is unparalleled.  She leads intensively creative coaching sessions where her audience is led to powerful breakthroughs. As her client and colleague, I’m grateful for her ability to support me in managing my everyday stress and teaching me about active mindfulness.

Dez Stephens

Founder, Radiant Health Institute

Tracy is an inspired teacher, trainer, and coach.  Her depth of knowledge combined with her accessible presentation style results in a rich and meaningful learning experience for others.  In addition to her expertise in the field, Tracy ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates emotional intelligence in both her professional and personal life. Tracy is a creative teacher, a natural coach, and a dynamic facilitator.

Lisa Gamble

Senior Vice President, Lee Hecht Harrison

Tracy’s unique background and varied professional experience lends a perspective to her work that truly cannot be found elsewhere. Tracy is keenly intuitive and intelligent, in-touch, and highly professional. Being a quick study, Tracy readily grasps new concepts and runs with the ball. There are no limits to Tracy’s capabilities.

Joanna Cain

Founder, Auctorial Pursuits, Global Academic Consultants

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