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R.E.A.L. Coaching, Presentation Topics & Resources

Tracy is an inspired teacher, trainer, and coach.  Her depth of knowledge combined with her accessible presentation style results in a rich and meaningful learning experience for others.  In addition to her expertise in the field, Tracy ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates emotional intelligence in both her professional and personal life. Tracy is a creative teacher, a natural coach, and a dynamic facilitator.

Lisa Gamble

Senior Vice President, Lee Hecht Harrison

Tracy’s unique background and varied professional experience lends a perspective to her work that truly cannot be found elsewhere. Tracy is keenly intuitive and intelligent, in-touch, and highly professional. Being a quick study, Tracy readily grasps new concepts and runs with the ball. There are no limits to Tracy’s capabilities.

Joanna Cain, BSN, RN

Founder, Auctorial Pursuits, Global Academic Consultants

In a classroom full of high need students, Tracy captivates.  She understands the tricky balance of disseminating knowledge, getting audience participation, and maintaining an active lesson.  Through her demeanor she not only transmits personally and professionally helpful information, but also passion.  She presents a structure rooted in science yet stemming into very real and tangible concepts of mindfulness, stress, EQ and our everyday lives.

PJ Travin

Resource Specialist, Gateway to College, Front Range Community College

As a Psychology major and a student involved in a multitude of campus activities, I have found Tracy’s wisdom and guidance to be invaluable to me. She is a passionate person about what she feels and believes in, which has driven me to look deeper into my own choices and direction personally and professionally. With the impact she has had on my life, I have been able to move forward from various situations in a positive manner. I will carry her lessons through my life.

Rae Gandy

Student Coordinator of Peer Education, Front Range Community College

I recommend the group (coaching) to anyone who wants to develop better coping skills for managing daily stress. Tracy’s expertise, facilitation skills and genuine interest in others creates a supportive and transformative environment that will empower you to boost your sense of happiness and individual effectiveness.

Mara G.

The (Group Coaching) has been such an incredibly meaningful resource these last few weeks. It not only helps me reflect on my role as an educator, but serves to give clarity, insight, and more intentionality to my daily interaction with others. A truly valuable experience!

Group Participant

Tracy Carreon is a unique educator in that she has a very genuine style and approach. Her coaching style is equally authentic and her expertise in Emotional Intelligence is unparalleled.  She leads intensively creative coaching sessions where her audience is led to powerful breakthroughs. As her client and colleague, I’m grateful for her ability to support me in managing my everyday stress and teaching me about active mindfulness.

Dez Stephens

Founder, Radiant Health Institute

Tracy is an incredible presenter! She is clearly an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness and shared her wisdom in a very organized eloquent manner. As a group building activity, we were able to assess our own EQ and discuss elements of EQ and mindfulness with our colleagues. As a team, we were able to understand each other better and hold each other accountable to the goals we set. I love that mindfulness is something that I can implement immediately to bring myself to a “better me”. This is not a topic that professionals give enough attention to, so I am appreciative that Tracy was able to come and share her knowledge on something that can better us in both the professional and personal setting. Thanks, Tracy, for bringing a knowledge of something so important- potentially life changing- to our group. (Social and Behavioral Studies Department, Faculty Retreat)

Jessica Mahoney

Psychology Department, Campus and Online Lead Instructor, Front Range Community College

TRACY IS AMAZING! She is the most fantastic instructor ever! …You can just feel her passion for the subject. Some of the things she said and did changed the way I view life.

Anonymous Student