From previous stories it’s been clear that my son Caleb is a lover of birds, and that love has guided our destinations and experiences. But he also loves wildlife in general, as well as rare places. (I say that while realizing over time that he has come to adore crows and pigeons (yes, he loves pigeons) almost as much as he does quetzals and kiwis, but that’s another story, or two.) 

And hawks are always cool!

The next posts will be a journey to the rare and wonderful…winged, finned and flippered, green and otherwise. And all the places they are found. There might be a post here and there snuck in between the stories that veers another direction. I tend to write what arises, sometimes saving it for later, and sometimes wanting to let it leap ahead. 

That sand is actually green! Green Sand Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii.

There are so many incredible journeys, lived on vacations and between them…here’s to each and every one. 

There are so many stories. So many ideas. It’s hard to decide which to write about first. What might matter most to you…hoping there is a you reading this. I’ve talked about finding a Why to your travel, and shared with you mine, in perhaps a roundabout, life coach-y kind of way. The bottom line is discovering what will deepen your traveling experiences and make them meaningful in a personal and unique way.