There’s  a lot of talk these days about happiness, well-being, mindfulness…and other topics once avoided in workplace vernacular. The articles and studies purporting that “happier” employees make better, healthier, more engaged and efficient employees, now number in the thousands. And still it can be difficult to embrace these “touchy-feely” ideals when what you’re after is a healthy bottom line.

Can such notions really make a difference? Are they worth investing in, when there are so many programs for increasing productivity and revenue to consider?



Well, of course, my answer is, “Yes.”

I don’t come from a business background. My career has been spent in the social sciences and education sectors, studying and teaching principles and practices for managing stress (the true universal language), raising emotional intelligence, and creating habits for greater levels of happiness and meaning. I’ve worked with a multitude of audiences, and no matter if they belong to the boardroom, the classroom, the medical office…treatment center…high school…they all share  one unavoidable fact: being human.

And humans are complex creatures. No matter where we go, we take our whole selves with us. If we want to live and work optimally we need to give credence to the whole of ourselves. Bringing awareness, and with it response-ability, to who we are, the stories we tell, the relationships we build, the choices we make and the actions we take is the foundation of essence-driven working and living.

If you have a company or a team made of humans, there is  much to be gained from opening a forum for speaking to and learning about what it means to be fully, responsively, agilely and meaningfully present in the workplace.

Try it, and see what happens!




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