The Mind of REAL Leadership:

Emotional Intelligence at Work


 A talk or workshop for your business or team

What is it that makes a good leader? Stop for a moment and think of someone from your own life or from history that you consider the prime example of an exemplary leader. What words define those attributes you most respect in this person?

I am going to guess your chosen words include those that point to the essence of the person – who they are beyond their skills and experience.

In The Mind of REAL Leadership, Tracy introduces audiences to the  3 Constellations for Essence-Driven Leadership. 

She will provide powerful – and empowering – tools for becoming the leader you seek to be, starting at the deepest and most lasting level – your brain. You will learn not just what it means to be essence-driven, but HOW to begin working with your own brain to create the mind of a true leader. 

Backed by science and proven through practice, The Mind of REAL Leadership is a business and life game-changer. 


Length: Customizable to meet group needs. Recommended – 1.5 hour talk or half day workshop.



What does it mean to work and live in alignment with R.E.A.L. principles?


Responsive Act with self-awareness and thoughtful choice, rather than react automatically. 


Engaged: Notice, be fully present to, and inspired by, life’s moments. 


Agile: No, not the ability to perform extreme yoga poses. This kind of agile is the ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with flexibility, resilience, response-ability and awareness.


Living: The whole of you, inside and out, blended with the unique story only your experiences can tell.



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