Wired for Success: 

Brain Changing Habits at Work


A talk or workshop for your business or team

Through the process of living we all develop habits of mind and behavior, ways of reacting to the world and others that become, over time, automatic. Some of these habits benefit us; others…not so much.

In this engaging and fascinating session, Tracy blends the latest from neuroscience and psychology and takes participants into the workings of their own minds. With a style relatable and humorous she reveals how habits are formed and how they impact not only what we do, but how we think, feel and relate to others. By becoming aware of our own stress “go-tos,” the stories that define them and then learning tools and practices for “building” a focused, resilient and emotionally intelligent brain, we empower ourselves to make choices in alignment with our real values, give greater purpose to our work, engage more deeply in our relationships and show up more productively to all that we do.

Be it an hour long talk or a half-day workshop, Tracy will help your team or employees claim greater control over their experiences. When people take response-ability for how they show up to each moment, they have heightened potential for creativity, innovation, productivity and “essence-driven” working and living.  


  • Length: Customizable for group needs. Recommended 1.5 hour talk or half day workshop



What does it mean to work and live in alignment with R.E.A.L. principles?

Responsive Act with self-awareness and thoughtful choice, rather than react automatically. 


Engaged: Notice, be fully present to, and inspired by, life’s moments. 


Agile: No, not the ability to perform extreme yoga poses. This kind of agile is the ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with flexibility, resilience, response-ability and awareness.


Living: The whole of you, inside and out, blended with the unique story only your experiences can tell.


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