R.E.A.L. Coaching for Young Adults: Ages 16-29


Are you a junior or senior in high school and feeling the stress and pressure of next decisions? College or no college? What college? What about leaving or making friends? And in the center of it all…Who are you and where do you fit in this weird world anyway?


Or maybe you’re in or newly out of college and the questions are getting even louder…What do you want to do with your life? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to BE? And be WITH?


The questions can be daunting as you navigate the bumpy and endless terrain of Who am I? And Who do I WANT to be?

It’s completely normal for stress to ramp up in the adolescent and young adult years. And while plenty of people might want to talk to you about your plans…are you talking to someone about how you manage the stress? How you can best cope with making the choices you want and need to make? And stay sane and “okay” while making and living those choices? 

I’ve taught high school. I’m a Psychology instructor in a college. I coach, run groups and give talks to the young and old alike on managing stress, creating healthy ways to cope, and setting goals that are real and right. I spend my free time studying what it takes and what it means to live a happy, successful and meaningful life. Oh, and I’m the mother of a teen.

I have long lived in the world of the big questions and figuring out how to answer them (and work on making sense of it every day). One thing I know…becoming aware of how we’re uniquely wired and making choices around who we want to BE, helps a whole lot when trying to figure out what we want to do.

That’s where REAL Coaching comes in. I’m about figuring it out, working on understanding ourselves and how we respond to life, and then creating practices and using tools to not just “get through” but flourish in the midst of all of it.

If you are a young adult, aged 16-29, who would like someone to help you navigate the road ahead as you seek answers to whatever questions are stressing you out, who is open to learning and finding tools that work for you…I’d love to take the journey with you.



The R.E.A.L. Principles: 


Responsive Act with self-awareness and thoughtful choice, rather than react automatically. 


Engaged: Notice, be fully present to, and inspired by, life’s moments. 


Agile: No, not the ability to perform extreme yoga poses. This kind of agile is the ability to navigate life’s ups and downs with flexibility, resilience, response-ability and awareness.


Living: The whole of you, inside and out, blended with the unique story only your experiences can tell.



Free 15 minute consultation available. One month, three month, six month or customized packages available. 

Contact Tracy with questions or for more information.