Day 1…

Welcome to the Real Life blog. So glad you’re here.
I’ve often thought about blogging, and I realize two things have stood – primarily –  in my way:

1) Naming it. I know, it sounds silly, but I really get hung up on naming and titling things.

2) My own story that I’d never be able to write short, meaningful pieces. Just ask my students, or my son…talking and writing briefly isn’t my thing.

So why now? I spend my time teaching, coaching, reading, writing, (watching Netflix) and…thinking. Lots of thinking. Seeking connections and patterns and ways of understanding life, people and most of all, I admit, myself. The writing part has taken a back seat lately, and I miss it. I figured a blog was a way to begin organizing all of those thoughts, patterns and connections.

What will I write about? What does “Thoughts on Being Human” even mean? For me it means recognizing we’re all sharing a common journey on this spinning planet; it means understanding we’re all doing our very best to discover our place, and how we fit in to this complex puzzle of life. It’s a beautiful, messy, tragic and wonderful experience. And no matter our differences, we’re all part of this one big family of humans. And inside that job, there are a lot of things we have in common. I just thought I’d offer some of my observations, ideas, learnings…and see where it all goes.

I thank you for stopping by and very much hope you will again.